About organization

CIPI Vision: For Open Digital Society (4OpenDigitS)

CIPI Mission: The mission of CIPI is to enhance local capacity and policy that empower Internet access and production of new knowledge and information resources through applying of open digital technologies and open standards.

The Public Fund Civil Internet Policy Initiative (CIPI) is a civil society and a non for profit Tajikistani organization. Starting from its establishment (2001), CIPI is actively involved in promotion of the legal and policy frameworks that enforce effective utilization of information and communication technologies (ICT) for development goals (ICTD). Considering major challenges that national economy, particularly ICT industry, might face in such an analog-to-digital transformation period, CIPI works to integrate ICTD advantages in national policies and practices.

In terms of policy and legislation of ICTD, CIPI contributed in following achievements:

  • Design of the State Strategy “ICT for Development of Tajikistan” and its implementation promotion upon its approval;
  • Establishment of the ICT Council under the President of Tajikistan;
  • Successful redelegation of .tj, top-level domain name of Tajikistan, to the domestic organizations and further development of policy for registration of second-level domain names in .tj zone;
  • Development of technology-neutral Standard for and Program of Information Technologies Teaching in secondary education of Tajikistan;
  • Ongoing process of establishment of an independent regulation in the field of telecommunications due to obligations of Tajikistan as member of WTO.