Introduction of ICT in the Republic of Tajikistan

Tajikistan has practically faced a tremendous changes in all fields of the life for the last 10 years.
The information and communication technologies (ICT) field has also changed. For example, while
one Internet service provider (ISP) and one mobile communication operator (MCO) worked in the
telecommunication market of Tajikistan at the end of 90s, there are more than 10 of ISPs as well as
MCOs now. Moreover, the technologies deployed by these operators are the most advanced.

The Government has also done a lot during this period. The ICT infrastructure has been radically
changed across the country. Large projects oriented on ICT integration in various fields of activities
of society have been implemented. However, there are different problems as well. The main
problem is lack of coordination of activities within the state agencies, between public and private
sectors. In this context, despite huge efforts of the top authority of the country there are not any
developed mechanisms of involvement of wide stratum of society for discussion while drafting
important strategical projects.

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